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Kids Martial Arts

​Fun and exciting self-defense classes await your child. In our martial arts classes for kids, we teach discipline, self-respect, develop character, boost confidence, and promote fitness. We want our students to be fit, focused, and confident!

Birthday Parties

​Give your child an unforgettable and action-packed birthday party! Every kid at the event will surely enjoy the fun-filled lessons delivered by our professional instructors.

Adult Martial Arts

Strengthen your mind, body, and spirit through our martial arts training. Apart from great self-defense skills, you will also gain increased power, flexibility, enhanced focus, and better reflexes. Don’t let the kids have all the fun. Start training today!

Parent's Night Out

We like to give our karate school parent's a night off when we can. Our students have the opportunity to enjoy nerf gun battles, movie nights, and more.

Who We Are?

Lance Clayton is a 8th degree black belt and he has been teaching American Kenpo Karate for over 40 years! He founded his original school, Clayton’s Kenpo Karate, in 1997 before transitioning to Vernon to open Lance Clayton's Kenpo Karate in 2022. Lance has completed extensive training with some of the top instructors in American Kenpo Karate. We use Zig Ziglar’s “I Can” program to help students develop the discipline necessary to power a champion-in-life mindset. In this program, our students learn the ABCs of a martial arts black belt: Attitude, Behavior and Character. To ensure that students receive the highest possible level of mentoring, our professional instructors go through a mandatory year-round training program. This allows them to give students a positive and uplifting experience each time they set foot on the mat. We believe that clarity is power. This is why we encourage every student to have a clear goal. In relation to this, we keep our lines open so students and their parents know where they stand in terms of progress. Level up your skills. Learn advanced sparring techniques along with weapons training.

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